Why we do what we do – Energy Between the Lines

Our mission is to challenge the traditional way of everything to find innovative ways to do things, and to make your future better by creating new value for your small business by supercharging your small business marketing!

How we came to be

Vert Impulse, LLC was created by a forward thinking entrepreneur, Kevin.  The only thing that matters to him is finding “energy between the lines” to better your small business and your small business marketing.  What does finding energy between the lines mean?  See Kevin’s answer below.

Kevin: “My theory on finding energy between the lines not only deals with energy as people normally classify it, but also finding wasted energy in processes.  The scariest statement I think I have ever heard in my life is, “That is the way we have always done it.”  When anybody hears this every hair on their body should stand on end, especially small business owners.  I cannot count how many times that I have heard this and the individual saying it has no idea why the process works the way it does, or there is no rhyme or reason to what they are doing.  We have so many government and private organizations that are not searching for efficiency, but small business owners cannot afford to let customers or money slip through the cracks.  Small business owners do not set out to do this, but they are too familiar with their surroundings, or too busy running their small business.  We need to break this cycle of “the way it has always been done” and find all of the ways to make things more efficient, espcially in the realm of small business marketing.  This can be done by finding the Energy Between the Lines that exists in outdated, inefficien, or non-existent processes, procedures, and bureaucracy.”